We Asked Ourselves, What Can We Do?

Captured by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash

Plastics will continue to go into our landfills and oceans if the recycling system is not fixed.

What if we valued single use plastics in its second life?

What if we gave it a purpose?

But we the consumer have to change people’s minds.

That’s why we are a consumer to business company.

Let’s change the mindset.

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We want to hear from you. Talking is what got us here and ideas will help us make change.

How you can make a difference.

Reduce and Reuse as much as you can.

There are fabulous subscription models that reduce the use of single use plastics! Blog for all these details coming soon!


If we create demand for post-consumer plastic through giving it a second life, its value will increase and we will be winning.


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The more awareness and willingness to change, the more we, the individual, can make an earth size difference. Please share our platforms because the more of us, the bigger the difference.

Want to do more?

Our partner, Plastic Oceans has developed three focused solutions to help save our oceans.

Yes, how else can I help?


Coming soon!