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Adrian Midwood.
Our Planet, Our Choices, Our Future.

Almost everyone knows plastic pollution is killing our planet. How does one person become the solution? Adrian Midwood believes it's the small things that make the difference. We call the shots with our daily choices. Learn how our collective baby steps can become the wave of change needed to reduce "our everything footprint." The best news? "You don't need to quit your job, start an NGO, or re-invent waste management systems” to create meaningful change. Boat Captain, and Executive Director, Plastic Oceans Canada Adrian Midwood raises awareness of the plastic crisis on a large scale, and empowers individuals and businesses to be a part of the global solution.

Andrew Forrest.
A radical plan to end plastic waste.

Plastic is an incredible substance for the economy - and the worst substance possible for the environment, says entrepreneur Andrew Forrest. In a conversation meant to spark debate, Forrest and head of TED Chris Anderson discuss an ambitious plan to get the world's biggest companies to fund an environmental revolution - and transition industry towards getting all of its plastic from recycled materials, not from fossil fuels.

National Geographic.
Plastics 101.

Once a completely natural product, much of today's plastic is man-made and largely dependent upon fossil fuels. From polymers to nurdles, learn how plastic is created and what we can do to slow the lasting repercussions this material will have on both our planet and our lives.