Who we are.

We are Unwasted - we are taking a stand to clean up recycling by providing sustainable, design-conscious and effective products.

Why we are.

Recycling as we know it is broken. Far too many recyclables are diverted to landfill, impacting our environment for decades to come - but why? Lack of understanding the recycling systems and the infrastructure needed to make a circular economy.

How We Can.

Starting with an awareness and education of recycling and driving single use plastics into a second life will pave the way for a cleaner future.

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What We Do.

We are accelerating the New Plastic Economy by drawing single use plastic away from landfill and oceans and into our bold and functionally designed products.

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What We Do With Trash.

We use wasted plastics to create functionally beautiful furniture.


Properly recycling is a beautiful thing. We work with local and national sorting facilities to ensure your recycled materials do not end up in landfill or oceans.


Not all plastics are made equal which is what makes diverging plastic so hard. We sort, wash, grind, melt and pelletize so plastics can be used again.


We use our collective trash in the creation of fully recycled (and recyclable), unique, fresh, aesthetically pleasing furniture designed for industrial, commercial, and residential needs.


Together with our partners, we create purpose driven awareness and education platforms to engage people, communities, and establishments on recycling awareness.

Our goal together with plastic oceans is to reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans in Canada by 75% before 2025.

How can I help?
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Here's Some Real Life Heroes.

Together, we are making meaningful change. Our sincere thanks to you, our partners, supporters, and advisors.